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Family Medicine / Preventative Care

We address all non-emergent acute and chronic health concerns and treat patients of all ages.  Dr. Margaret provides regular annual exams, physicals for sports, camp and commercial drivers licenses, screening lab tests, well child visits, and more.  X-rays and other imaging tests can be ordered as needed.  


Herbal, Nutritional and Lifestyle Recommendations

From food allergy testing to therapeutic diets, using food as medicine gives you a strong foundation for lasting health and excellent quality of life.  Properly dosed botanical medicines, vitamins and nutrients often prevent the need for prescription drugs.   Exercise programs, motivational counseling, sleep hygiene and healthy habits are common lifestyle prescriptions from Dr. Margaret.

Craniosacral Therapy

This relaxing, gentle, hands-on therapy effortlessly eases pain and stress.  The craniosacral system includes the brain, spine and bones of the head.  By tuning in to the gentle cerebrospinal rhythm of the body, self healing and deeper insight occurs. Any chronic pain condition, migraines and other headaches, head injuries, TMJ and muscle tension can be released using this bodywork technique.  It is extremely helpful for stress relief, PTSD and anxiety.


Very diluted doses of animal, vegetable or mineral substances are used to stimulate the self healing mechanisms of the body.  Any health issue can be treated with a homeopathic remedy.  They are easy to use, inexpensive and very safe.  Children respond particularly well to homeopathy.  If indicated, you will receive a free homeopathic remedy as part of your visit.  



Dr Philhower is an amazing doctor! I would most definitely recommend her..not only is she extremely intelligent..but her bedside manners are so caring and thoughtful...she never makes you feel rushed or no question is unimportant. She's amazing!



 If you have never been seen by a naturopathic doctor but, are not satisfied with the type or level of care you've been receiving from your M.D. or family practitioner, I highly encourage you to make an appointment and introduce yourself to Dr. Margaret Philhower, N.D. It will change the way you view medical care forever. Dr Margaret Philhower is a holistic practitioner who treats YOU, not your symptoms, in a manner that leaves you with confidence and a greater understanding of what is going on in your own body. In her office you feel more like you're in a the company of a close friend that's there to listen to your concerns and answer all your questions and you just feel that she genuinely cares about YOU; all of YOU. In Dr. Philhower I have found an approach to healthcare second to none and I look forward to many years of practical, holistic care with a well educated, intelligent, caring provider I can trust and feel extremely blessed to have found Dr. Margaret.

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