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Welcome to the Natural Family Medicine Clinic.  We are glad you found us! Dr. Margaret is here to help.  

Naturopathic doctors (also called NDs or naturopaths) are State-licensed primary care physicians. NDs graduate from four-year, nationally accredited, postgraduate medical schools and are required to get continuing education each year.  We receive training in conventional medical sciences, diagnosis and treatment, as well as natural therapies.  Naturopathic visits are longer and more in depth than the average doctor’s visit yet are similar in that NDs perform standard physical examinations, order lab work and diagnostic imaging and are licensed to prescribe conventional pharmaceutical medications when necessary. 


Naturopathic treatments emphasize the most natural, least expensive and most effective options possible. Are you ready to feel better?

Gentle and effective medicine for all ages

Naturopathic Medicine

9335 Takilma Rd. 

Cave Junction, OR

(541) 415-1549

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